Monday Cuppa Moment 12/21

Happy Monday, friends! Cuppaf16d0a1167825d1ce78c18377f9657f2

Hope you're enjoying your cuppa this morning. I sure am. It's a wee bit chilly here, but, amazingly, it's supposed to reach 70 degrees on Christmas and I'm ecstatic. If I can't have a white Christmas, then at least let it be warm.

This weekend my family and I went to see the new Star Wars. Don't worry, no spoilers here. Just wanted to share how amazed I was at the lines and excitement over this installment. Watching it made me feel like a kid again. I was five when Episode IV released and remember seeing V and VI in the theater. I also absolutely loved everyone dressed up in costumes. We had Jedis, Storm Troopers, Resistance fighters, and a few Darth Vadars.



Why did I love this so much? Because it shows the power of story. It's always amazed me how story, whether novel or film, can transport us to another place and time, and the Star Wars franchise, along with Lord of the Rings, and the new Star Trek are all great examples.


How about you? Which movie franchise are you the biggest fan of? What about book series? Comment below and I'll randomly draw three names to win autographed advanced copies of Cold Shot. I'll announce the winners here next Monday. Looking forward to your answers.

I pray you all have a very blessed and Merry Christmas,

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