Monday Cuppa 8/24

Happy Monday, friends! Think this is an adorable and a great way to show your coffee love:


I spent most of the weekend working on my galley for COLD SHOT.



A galley is a printed out copy of the book after it has gone through line and copy edits. It's my second to last time to read through the entire manuscript and make any changes. The last read through is only for spelling and grammar. So this is basically the last time I can craft any changes to the book you will hold in your hands in just a few short months. Exciting and scary! Praying you'll enjoy getting to know Griffin and Finley as much as I've enjoyed telling their story. I'm also very excited to say I will have a handful of advanced copies to give away in the coming months and I'll be doing that here during Monday Cuppa Moments so be sure to stick around :)

Since COLD SHOT takes place in the Chesapeake Bay region I thought you might enjoy a sneak peak of the area by AIRBOAT. It’s a boat actually powered by an aircraft engine. Come along and experience the ride on this tour of the Chesapeake Bay:

What did you think? Up for an airboat ride? I sure am. Did the Chesapeake watershed look like how you pictured it or different then what you had in mind? Have any of you visited the area?

Speaking of the Bay, the winner of last week's Ocean City Saltwater Taffy is Abby Breuklander. Abby, just email me your mailing address to and I'll get your yummy treat off to you.

Next week I'll be giving away my Fair Trade coffee of the month and this month's is a special one. In the meantime, I hope you all have a blessed week.