Writerly Wednesday--Conquering Writer's Block

Conquering Your Writer's Block Happy Wednesday, friends! I got an email from a reader asking about how I stay inspired, especially how I overcome writer's block. While I don't know that I've ever dealt with actual writer's block, I have dealt with procrastination and I believe the cure for both is basically the same, and that is inspiration. Finding ways to stay inspired and to fill the creative well when you are going through a drought - whether self-inflicted (like my procrastination) or straight out writer's block - is essential to keep writing consistently. Here are the top seven ways I find inspiration. I hope you find them helpful.

  1. Prayer: I believe God has gifted me with the desire to write and called me to it. Whenever He calls, He equips. I trust in His promises. I take time to pray every time I sit down to write. I have a dear friend who listens to worship music prior to writing. Relying on God and praying for His presence, and help, is vital.
  2. Inspirational quotes: I'm a quote girl. I find quotes via Pinterest that inspire. They might be literature quotes, author quotes, Scripture verses, anything that resonates with me that particular time and day. I then print out the quote and hang it where I can see it while I write. Whenever I feel like quitting, I take time to look at the quote and push on.
  3. Read a lot: Reading well-written books inspires me to strive to write well-written books. Read a wide variety. I read everything from non-fiction to classics, to poetry, to suspense novels. When in doubt I go back to my favorites such as Pride and Prejudice, A Room with a View, A is for Alibi, and The Screwtape Letters.
  4. Journal: When you don't feel like writing professionally, write for pleasure. Get out a journal and just start writing whatever comes to mind. You'd be amazed how often you end up working on your manuscript.
  5. Silence your mind: Go for a walk, take a shower or hot bath, take a nap. Find a way to clear your mind and just relax. Nine out of ten times my mind drifts to my story and I begin to see the next scene in my head, then I go write it.
  6. Take a day off: Sometimes you just need a day off. Take a day and spend it doing what you enjoy doing most. When you sit back down to write the next day, you'll feel refreshed and ready to go.
  7. Talk with a writing buddy: I can't recommend this enough. Have a writing buddy who you can call and chat with. Talking through the story, praying for each other, venting, and getting feedback are just some of the amazing benefits of walking this journey with another.

I hope you find these tips helpful as you go forward and write!

What are your favorite ways to overcome writer's block or to be inspired? I'd love to hear your feedback. The more we share, the more we learn.