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Facing Your Fears

Are you being forced to face your greatest fear? I am.

It's something I've prayed I'd never have to face. In fact, I'd happily dive into a pit of vipers if it meant I didn't have to go home. But I don't have a choice. Not unless I want to ignore the passing of the only family I had left. The only real family I had left.

Fear is an odd thing, isn't it? You think you can ignore it, think you can make it go away if you just smoother it down deep enough.

But it's not gone.

Oh, it never leaves--just lingers, simmering beneath the surface, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. To clutch you in its greedy, all-consuming grasp. That's where I am. Where Dani has placed me.

Fear is crawling up my neck, winding around my throat, threatening to suffocate me and I'm not the only one. Bethany is also wrestling fear's domination. Both of us are being forced to face what we'd rather run from.

The difference is I should know better. I know God. I know His Word says not to fear and yet I quake in it. What's wrong with me? Why can't I be stronger, better...different?

I stand on the precipice knowing I have to jump, and I'm terrified.

My name is Bailey Craig. Submerged is my story.









What about you? Have you ever felt suffocated by fear? Ever been forced to do something that terrified you? Ever had to face a fear you'd rather run from?

Bethany and I are chatting about it today. Protesting the painful turn our lives have recently taken at Dani and Katie's hands.

Struggling with fear? Check out Dani's Facebook Author Page or Katie Ganshert's Facebook Author Page for a word of encouragement.