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Monday Cuppa--Inside a Writer's Chaos a.k.a Office


Hope you're having a strong coffee morning. 


I always find it so fascinating how vastly different various authors' workspaces can be. I suppose they are unique, just as our stories are. Today, I thought I'd share a glimpse into my writing domain. I'll admit it, I cleaned up a bit for the photos :)

My office is the sunroom off my kitchen. I love that so much light floods in. 

A picture of me and Little Man on an adorable typewriter holder from a dear friend. 

(I think it's super important to keep reminders of what gifts God has given to fill your life with joy. You'll see several below.)

 A sign from my daughter that means the world to me <3

 Gifts from my daughters and cards from dear friends. 

(Yes. We are BIG Guardian of the Galaxy&Star Wars fans. We have a saying in our house, 'It's all wookie'.)

A letter from my all-time favorite mystery writer--Sue Grafton. 

What about you? What does your office space look like? What motivational items do you keep around to keep you inspired? Feel free to comment below or, even better, share a pic!

Have a blessed Monday,