Scenic Settings

Scenic Settings

Hi friends,

So happy to be back with you this week. Today, I’m going to be sharing about my favorite settings to write about. I adore Costal areas. The beach is my absolute happy place. I grew up a few hours away from Ocean City, Maryland and my family spent our summer vacations split between there and Hilton Head, SC.

As a kid through my teenage years, my family sailed often, and I spent lots of time in and on the water—wind surfing, white-water rafting, swimming, snorkeling, taking Scuba diving lessons, and the list goes on. If there’s water nearby, I’m in it.  We have our annual Fourth of July trip to the beach every year.

There’s something energizing yet soothing about being near the ocean, in particular, for me. I have a friend who is kind enough to let us use her ocean-front beach condo. Whenever I need some writing time away (a.k.a writing deadline) I head to the condo and love curling up on the sofa, no matter the weather, and writing away with the ocean in view.

Spending so much of my time in coastal areas is probably why they are my favorite setting to write about.


Yancy, Alaska

My debut series, The Alaskan Courage series, is set on the fictional island of Yancey, Alaska, which sits next to Kodiak Island.


Chesapeake Bay

My Chesapeake Valor series is set by the Chesapeake Bay where I grew up in Northern Virginia and where my family and I live in Maryland. It was so much fun writing about places I visit regularly.


Coastal North Carolina

My upcoming Coastal Guardian series is set along coastal North Carolina where we spend a good portion of our summer and fall vacations. It’s gorgeous down there and I’m having the best time describing all the beauty the area encompasses.

You can learn more about The Killing Tide by clicking the button below:

Question for you:

Do you have a favorite setting you like to read about? Coastal or mountain? Small town verses city? International or domestic?

I look forward to hearing your answers!

Have a blessed day!