Mystery & Mayhem Tour

Readers, I have some shocking news for you, something that’s never happened before. Take a look at the letter below that I received in the mail, just before the launch of Sins of the Past--my novella with Lynette Eason and Dee Henderson. ransomnote1

Enclosed with the note was a list of profiles of Lynette's and Dee's, and my characters. Apparently Anonymous has been stalking our books for quite some time. I can only assume the “clues” Anonymous promised to reveal will help rule out some of the characters below.

Potential Victims


  • Evie Blackwell From: Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson Occupation: Illinois state police detective Most Likely to be Found: Solving puzzles, watching classic movies, trying new restaurants


  • Jillian Carter From: When A Secret Kills by Lynette Eason Occupation: Investigative reporter Most Likely to Be Found: Hiding from a killer who wants her dead, spending time with her daughter


  • Kirra Jacobs From: Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey Occupation: Veterinarian, owner of a shelter for rescued sled dogs Most Likely to be Found: Caring for animals, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing


  • David Hackett From: No One To Trust by Lynette Eason Occupation: Former Special Forces Most Likely to Be Found: Doing something for his wife, Summer, or helping someone in need


  • Charlotte Graham From: Unspoken by Dee Henderson Occupation: Artist Most Likely to be Found: Selling old collectible coins, drawing, attending sporting events


  • Macey Adams From: Blackout by Lynette Eason (novella in Sins of the Past) Occupation: Paramedic Most Likely to Be Found: At work or driving an ambulance


  • Mark Bishop From: Undetected by Dee Henderson Occupation: Navy commander Most Likely to be Found: At work on a submarine, reading a good mystery


  • Piper McKenna From: Shattered by Dani Pettrey Occupation: Co-owner of Last Frontier Adventures Most Likely to be Found: Reading a mystery novel, traveling, planning a party with friends


  • Olivia Edwards From: Always Watching by Lynette Eason Occupation: Bodyguard Most Likely to Be Found: At work since she doesn’t know what it means to relax


  • Griffin McCray From: Cold Shot by Dani Pettrey Occupation: Gettysburg park ranger Most Likely to be Found: Hiking, watching a baseball game, or making homemade trail mix


  • Gage McKenna From: Stranded by Dani Pettrey Occupation: Co-owner of Last Frontier Adventures Most Likely to be Found: Cooking, kayaking, practicing the trumpet or the piano


What Can You Do?

Amy Green, the fiction publicist at Bethany House, is appointing herself the investigative lead on this mystery, but she can’t do it alone. It’ll take a team to solve the mystery, rescue the character, and bring the kidnapper to justice. That’s why I'm asking you, dear readers, to join us. Lynette, Dee, and I  already recruited the help of bookstore owners and book review bloggers to help us find clues to determine which character is being held hostage and how we can rescue him or her. The stops on the tour are listed below. Make sure you don’t miss a single step of the investigation!



Clues will be revealed at each stop to help you figure out which character has been kidnapped. (If you can’t make it in person to the bookstore events, don’t worry—Lynette and I will post the clue from the events on our Facebook pages within 24 hours of the event.)

Friday, April 29, 4 PM LifeWay Christian Bookstore 3726 E Franklin Blvd Gastonia, NC 28054

Saturday, April 30, 1 PM Christian Supply 1600 John B White Sr Blvd Spartanburg, SC 29301

Wednesday, May 4 Just Commonly with Annie

Saturday, May 7 Just Romantic Suspense

Wednesday, May 11 Reading is My Superpower with Carrie

Saturday, May 14, 1 PM His Way Christian Bookstore Southdale Shopping Center 8 Mountain Rd Glen Burnie MD 21060

Sunday, May 15, 2 PM Barnes & Noble 620 Marketplace Dr. Bel Air, MD 21014

Wednesday, May 18 Finding Wonderland with Rissi

Saturday, May 21 Will Bake for Books with Bekah

Wednesday, May 25 The Suspense Zone

Thursday, June 2, 7-9 PM Eastern Sins of the Past Mystery and Mayhem Facebook Party


Be sure to RSVP to the Facebook party on June 2—if enough concerned readers show up, Lynette, Dee and I are hoping Anonymous will make an appearance as well so we can solve the case. Don’t worry: with a team of loyal readers like you, we’re sure we’ll get the character back safe and sound!

Drop by Bethany House's blog for more details and information.

Thanks for your help!