Monday Cuppa - The Best of What it Might Be


Peeking out of my writing cave to wish you a happy Monday!

Time to grab your Cuppa and let’s dish.


Summertime Quote


The story I’m working on (book four of the Chesapeake Valor series) is coming along well, but I’m in the stage of wondering if the story is the best of what might be. When I start writing, I envision the story as a movie in my mind, but as I’m writing I’m often filled with doubts that the story will never live up to the image I hold in my mind. I’d love your prayers that God would guide the story to be the story He wishes it to be, and that He would equip me to write the best story possible for my super awesome readers and friends!


What might be are you hoping for this summer? Time with your family? A glorious beach vacation? Checking a bucket item off your list? Time to sit on the porch swing and read?


Praying you all have a wonderful week of what might be,