Monday Cuppa--Something Fun Is Coming

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed your morning cuppa. If not, sit back, take a nice long sip and spend a few minutes with me. I'm SO excited to share two new things:

You might notice my updated logo

What's changed is my tag line. Thanks to you all and your wonderful reviews, I realized what you all enjoy most in my stories is the page-turning suspense aspect, so I've updated my tagline to Up All Night Suspense. I hope you love it as much as I do. You can see the new logo below:

Over the next month, you'll continue to see updates as I switch things over to Up All Night Suspense, which brings me to a question for you. I'm trying to decide what to call my newsletter now and I'd love YOUR opinion. You can leave your choice in the comment section below.

For my newsletter, which title do you like the most:

A) Up All Night Suspense Newsletter

B) In Suspense Newsletter

C) Nail-biting Newsletter

D) Keep it Armchair Adventures

Thanks, friends, for your opinion!

Now on to the BIG news.

Starting next week I'll be launching a fun new blog series on Monday Cuppa entitled Alphabet For The Soul.

What is Alphabet For The Soul

Each week, beginning next Monday, July 3rd,  you'll get a beautiful, printable coloring page of a letter, starting with A and eventually ending with Z.

Not only will you get a free coloring page printable that you can enjoy coloring in, but each page also has a key word that letter brought to mind for me. For example, A is for Adversity, so next week I'll be chatting about adversity--how it affects our lives, how we can overcome it, and what God's Word says about it.

You'll also receive a key quote I've complied, and an accompanying Bible verse I based the quote off of. By the last Monday of the year (Christmas day!), you'll have everything you need to compile your completed Alphabet For The Soul coloring book, complete with full color cover and corresponding back page, both of which you can download now by clicking on this link to get you started:

Download the Alphabet for the Soul Cover

Download the Alphabet for the Soul Back Cover

I'm so excited to chat about an alphabet full of topics that affect all our lives at some point, and how we can grow closer to God through them.

I hope you'll join me for this fun adventure!

To get started, remember to download and print out your front and back cover. Next week, I'll share a number of creative ways you can bind your pages together throughout the project or at the end.

I can't wait to get started! 

I'd love if you'd share your favorite letter, if you have one, or the first letter of your favorite word. And, why it's your favorite?  My favorite word is Grace so I'd say G. Because Gracie is my nickname and special to me, but, more importantly, God's grace is the reason for my hope in Christ and His sacrifice.

Excited to start a new adventure with you,