Monday Cuppa Moments

Happy Monday, Or, for those of you who are like me, this is probably a better Monday greeting:

3e8b0bbe64bee7806316530c2753b08cIt's so hard to believe it's a brand new year, and with that comes new year resolutions.


I don't typically make new year resolutions, but this year I've decided to give it a go.

My resolution?

To connect more faithfully with you all throughout the year.

How do I plan to do that?

By starting each week with a good cup of coffee and a small note to you. My hope is that you'll grab a cuppa of your favorite beverage and join me for a little while. The 'moment' will vary each week--news updates, videos, pictures, quotes, even an occasional devotional. It'll be a time to get to know me better, and have a little fun on Monday mornings.


Who couldn't use a good cuppa and a little Monday encouragement?


What about you? What are your new year resolutions?