Monday Cuppa Moment 9/28

Happy Monday, friends! Cuppa7bd84b4c25d5363d2a39a28c355ac587

I got an exciting package this weekend :D


It's so hard to believe COLD SHOT is nearly on shelves and is available for pre-order now! Can't wait for you to meet Griffin and Finley. Hope you'll enjoy getting to know new characters and a new setting. To kick off the excitement, I'm giving away an autographed Advanced Reading copy of COLD SHOT. To enter just answer the question below in the comment section. I'll randomly draw a reader's name on Friday and announce them here as well as on my Facebook Page.

Who has eaten hardshell crabs?


They're a Maryland and Chesapeake Bay favorite. If so, what did you think? If not, would you be willing to try and what has been the most interesting thing you have eaten?


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