Monday Cuppa Moment 8/10

Happy Monday, friends! 8c3b3aa140a20d2f378c881a0a9ffc23


I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I got to enjoy some time with my best friend of many years. So many, in fact, we realized we were my daughter's age when we met. I'm so blessed to call her friend.


We enjoyed a wonderful weekend at the beach even though the weather wasn't cooperating, so we ventured out in the rain and in the evenings. Fortunately we got one gorgeous night for dinner.



Speaking of friends, do you know the Bible says:



My new series CHESAPEAKE VALOR explores the friendship of four men since childhood. It hasn't always been an easy friendship, but it's a strong one.

6d718fc625dc506d8d70ae8b0af31116What about you? Who is your special friend you call on for fellowship, laughter, encouragement and strengthening? How long have you known them?  I know we all have One. The Bible says: 


As great as my bestie is, no one tops Jesus :) I pray you know Him. If you don't, He's only a prayer away.


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