Monday Cuppa Moment 7/18

Happy Monday, friends!


Hope you're off to a great start with a cupful of tangible joy :)

The family and I spent yesterday afternoon hiking and wading up the river.


Little Man loved seeing frogs, fish, butterflies and one, incredibly too big for my liking, spider.



On the way home I texted a friend and then she called me back and I just dove into chatting. Alas, I now have an embarrassing and all--too-normal-for-me story to share with you.

I have three Donnas--all good friends. One is a fabulous cake decorator, one is a fabulous organizer and virtual assistant, and one is a fellow writer and lives in Canada. If you have multiple friends with the same name, can I give you a piece of advice? Make sure you know for certain which one you are texting and even talking to (via a bad phone connection). Otherwise you may find your cake decorator friend charged with making a custom image for your blog. Doing so on a cake would be great but, as she admits, she and the internet are not friends. Sadly, my phone call lasted nigh on three rambling minutes on my part before she finally asked me if I knew which Donna I was talking too. God bless her. Now, if I'm not careful, I may very well end up asking my virtual assistant to bake a cake. Who knows what's to come :P

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How did you spend your weekend? Any fun adventures? Any friend mix-ups?