Monday Cuppa Moment 6/15

Happy Monday! BirthdayA very happy shout out to my son-in-law on his birthday today! Raising this birthday frappuccino for you, Justin :) And just in case any of you want to give it a try, here's the recipe

I'm on deadline for COLD SHOT's revisions and have heard about author friends taking a deadline writing retreat, so I thought 'why not?' I booked a room for three days at the beach and set off. It ended up being a very productive and interesting three days. Here's a few tips for anyone considering doing the same:


1. Pick a non-trafficky time to travel, especially if you live in a metro area. Listening to an audio book is a great way to pass the time. I enjoyed Becky Wade's A Love Like Ours.


2. Start out each day with a good breakfast and lots of coffee.


3. Get a comfortable place to write--shade included.


4. Put your toes in the sand--instant relaxation.


5. Take time to watch the surfers.


6. Take time to watch the sunset.

FullSizeRender copy

7. Enjoy the air show. I had no idea the air show was this weekend, but I had the pleasure of watching the Blue Angels practice for two days. It was awesome!!!!!

IMG_5912 IMG_5916

Here's a short video:


8. Do NOT lock yourself out of your hotel room in your P.J.s.

Sorry, folks, no embarrassing photo here--thank, goodness :)

9. Always pack cute P.J.s in case the above happens.

10. Make sure you stay somewhere with a good source of coffee. My hotel had a Starbucks in the lobby. Wish that was my cup!



Hope you enjoyed these tips even if you're not on a writing retreat. They apply to any trip, especially beach trips. Anyone have a fun trip planned this summer?



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