Monday Cuppa Moment 5/4

Happy Monday and happy May the 4th Be With You Day!!! cb94e85f4f4c20c26acbd8240161384f


We'll be starting our celebration off with a choice of R2Decaf, Dark Side Roast Coffee or Cafe au Leia along with Chewy Granola Bars:




For lunch we got Little Man Star Wars Mac & Cheese:


Or we may go with Obi Won Tons:



And, of course, no celebration would be complete without desserts so we'll be making a dark side chocolate cake with this lovely XWING topper:



Looking for a few other fun ways to celebrate the day? Here's a couple ideas I loved. Hope you enjoy them too!

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How will you be celebrating today? Any other Star Wars fans out there? If you could see any movie or book series turned into a National day of celebration, which series would it be?