Monday Cuppa Moment 4/27

Happy Monday, friends! 8112df5df2215f847c24052501867df4

It's a grey, cool one here thus far. Hope this cuppa of joe and the forecast of coming sunshine will warm me up. Yes, for you local friends, it is in fact 50 degrees, but unless I can be comfortable in shorts, a tank-top and flip-flops it's not warm enough.

We spent yesterday at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. It's a fabulous aquarium made even more fabulous by the blessing of being able to enjoy it with family.

IMG_4928 IMG_4933 IMG_4934


I also did a little research on coastal environments while I was there. Future story? Upcoming setting? Perhaps :) Can't wait to share more Chesapeake Valor details with you over the next couple months, and I'll be sharing them here first so stayed tuned to Monday Cuppa Moments for some really fun, upcoming sneak peeks.

How did you spend your weekend? Visit anyplace fun?

Have a great Monday,

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