Monday Cuppa Moment 4/20

Happy Monday from Minnesota! ee2534716e02b0535800c3017d8f854eI'm here visiting my wonderful publisher--Bethany House, and I was sure to start my day off with a hot cup of coffee. I'll be sure to post some pics from my visit on next week's Cuppa Moment, but in the meantime here are some fun facts about Minnesota:

  • The Mall of America in Bloomington is the size of 78 football fields --- 9.5 million square feet
  • Minneapolis is home to the oldest continuously running theater (Old Log Theater) and the largest dinner theater (Chanhassan Dinner Theater) in the country.
  • Minnesota Inventions: Masking and Scotch tape, Wheaties cereal, Bisquick, HMOs, the bundt pan, Aveda beauty products, and Green Giant vegetables
  • Minnesota has 90,000 miles of shoreline, more than California, Florida and Hawaii combined.
  • Madison is the "Lutefisk capital of the United States." What is lutefisk you may ask? With my Norwegian heritage, I know all about it. Google it. It's definitely an acquired taste that I haven't managed to acquire.


Which fact surprised you the most? Would love if you'd share 3 fun facts about your state.