Monday Cuppa Moment 3/25

Happy Monday! IMG_0470-1

Hope you're week is off to a good start. I'm writing with my black Lab laying beside me on the couch and it got me thinking about Griffin and Winston.


In Cold Shot, Griffin’s Irish Wolfhound, Winston, brings a large and friendly presence to several scenes. As it turns out, this breed of dog is also known for its courage in overcoming obstacles. Take, for example, the story of Bally Shannon:

In 1918, an article appeared in Country Life detailing the story of a courageous soldier-dog named Bally Shannon who, along with the British soldiers he accompanied, was a soldier in France. The Irish Wolfhound and his master were both wounded and sent home, but mid-journey, their ship was destroyed by a torpedo. The dog swam to the piece of wreckage that the only three survivors had climbed upon, but there was no room for him. Despite his injury, he swam around the makeshift raft all night, until they were picked up in the morning. When the writer of the article visited the dog, this was his experience:

“...[he] raised himself to his full height, resting his forepaws on the top of the fence. His head was level with mine. I thought I had never seen so magnificent an animal. All sinew and brawn, powerful, built on lines of speed, he stood there and received my homage. I placed my hand reverently on his broad, shaggy head and let it slide down his muzzle. He took it for an instant in his mouth with the utmost gentleness. I was a stranger to Bally Shannon, but he was the friend of man.”

I love that this larger-than-life breed of dog gets to accompany Griffin on his escapades. They just seem to suit one another.

What about you—have you encountered an animal, like Winston or Bally Shannon, who showed immense courage or brought great comfort?

Irish Wolfhound[1]




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