Monday Cuppa Moment 1/18

Happy Monday, friends! eecd1f872b4e04c2769cfe3e58481a77

Have you had your super power fuel yet today? I'm needing a little extra. I'm on my second cup :)

It's almost time for COLD SHOT's release. I'm so excited! I hope you will enjoy getting to know a new group of characters and a new setting. Here's a sneak peek at the beautiful setting of the Chesapeake Valor series:

Just a skip away from the Chesapeake Bay lives a very special group of wild horses you may have heard of. Residing on Assateague Island, these wild and majestic creatures are descendants of those brought in the late 1600’s to the barrier islands.

Chesapeake Horses


Has anyone here been lucky enough to see them?

Our family loves to stop by and visit them on the way to vacation in nearby Ocean City.


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