Monday Cuppa Moment 10/19

Happy Monday, friends! MondayCuppaa4e389ff1b706116e8791e23544150aa

I hope your Monday is off to a good start and your coffee mug is full.

Last week we chatted about fear. Here's a beautiful song with an amazing story behind it. I hope it touches you as deeply as it touched me. I pray you'll lean into Jesus today.

Cast My Cares by Finding Favour:

This song opens with “My fear feels bigger than my faith,” and goes on to find transformation of that fear in the hands of Jesus. The song itself is fantastic, but there’s an incredible short clip about the story behind it that’s amazing as well-- sharing the ways the song has been a rock for the band members to stand on in times they never saw coming when they wrote it.

Watch the story behind the song and then listen to the song.

What about you? Do you have a certain song that touches your soul? That you listen to when you need a reminder that Jesus is carrying you?



Dani Pettrey7 Comments