Monday Cuppa Moment 10/12

Happy Monday, friends! IMG_7836

I've had my coffee the rest, as the sign says, is wild speculation, but should include time with my grandson. Yay!

One thing I've noticed about Little Man is his lack of fear. He climbs everything, jumps without a care, and explores everywhere we go.


I watch in awe, and wonder when I lost my lack of fear? Is that something that you lose as you grow up? If you're a Christian, our Lord clearly tells us "Do not fear." So why do we fear so often?

Here's a great article about a remarkable young woman God has done great things through. I hope you enjoy her story and her thoughts on fear.

“Today you can choose to be...paralyzed ...because of your fear.... Or you can choose to take a risk – do something for someone, make someone smile, change someone’s world. LIFE TO THE FULLEST – it exists. The choice is yours.”

These are the words of Katie Davis, who moved to Uganda after graduating high school and began the life-changing Amazima ministries. Read the rest of her remarkable tale about overcoming fear here.



Be fearless,

Dani Pettrey9 Comments