Monday Cuppa--Merriest Time of The Year

Monday-Cuppa-and-Writerly-Wednesday-Template Hi Friends,


I hope this Monday Cuppa finds you well and with plenty of coffee! We've been so busy around here that I'm just getting today's Cuppa out. Sorry for the wait. My hubby had off last week and so I took off most of the week as well. Here's what we've been up to:

We decorated our tree


Made a gingerbread Starbucks 



Have taken pup on numerous hikes


Celebrated my baby's 21st birthday! 


Loved on grand babies and actually wore Little Man out. Never thought I'd see the day! 




It's been a busy time, but busy with love, laughter and the Christmas spirit, and I'm still making sure to set aside some time each day to: 


How are you spending your December? Getting ready for Christmas? 

Oh, and if you haven't had a chance to read SHADOWED yet, it's only .99 on e-book for a limited time from all online retailers. Be sure to grab a copy and it makes a great gift!

file12 Have a blessed week,

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