Monday Cuppa--Kid Vision

Dani Pettrey Monday Cuppa

Happy Monday, friends!


I spent several days this week with my grandson, affectionately known as Little Man. I took time to sit back and watch how he processed things and the choices he made, and it got me thinking. So, today I'm going to share the top 6 things I learned from being (and watching) a kid. I'd love if you'd share yours (even if it's just one).

  • Remember to be spontaneous. Little Man gravitates towards whatever grabs his attention. While feeding birds was far from our plan when we went to the Fells Point Farmer's Market, it brought him so much joy.


  • Look up at the sky. Little Man points out blue skies, cloud shapes, and smiles at the sun and moon. Taking time to enjoy God's creation and a remembrance of His daily provision is a great thing.
  • Take time to rest. When you're tired, listen to your body and rest. Even if it's for a little while.


  • Remember to laugh. Little Man laughed a lot over the past few days. Even the Bible says laughter is good medicine.


  • Enjoy treats!


  • Show affection to those you love.                                                  


How about you? What are some lessons you learned as a kid or by watching kids? 

P. S. While at the farmer's market, I bought an extra bag of Baltimore-made Woot! Almond Lavendar granola. Share in the comments below and I will randomly draw one lucky winner, I will even throw in a bag of Lavazza coffee to go with it!

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