Monday Cuppa--Expedition: Still Life Begins!

Happy Monday, friends!


I am SO excited to kick off Expedition: Still Life today!

What is Expedition: Still Life?

I'm so glad you asked. Expedition: Still Life is a fantastically fun adventure with two blog stops every Tuesday and Thursday throughout April where you can learn about a location from my latest release, Still Life. At each stop you'll be able to enter that particluar blog's gift card giveaway (gift cards vary from Starbucks to Amazon to Barnes & Noble), as well as collecting a custom designed virtual passport stamp, which enters you to win the Grand Prize. Each Expedition stamp you collect at my favorite blog location stops earns you another entry for the Grand Prize.


Where are this week's stops? 


On Tuesday 4/4 we'll be journeying to Charm City via Heidi Reads blog. Why I love Heidi's blog? It starts with Heidi herself. She is warm, caring and super supportive. She's actually the second place winner of my recent Still Life Photo contest with her on location pic at an art museum. Way to go the extra mile! In addition, Heidi maintains an awesome blog where she reviews a plethora of Christian fiction. Thanks, Heidi. Honored to be on your blog this week.

On Thursday 4/6 we'll be journeying to Parker Mitchell's neighborhood on Mocha with Linda's blog. Why I adore Linda? What's not to adore about Linda. I had the privilege and joy of meeting Linda in person when she was kind enough to interview a fairly brand new writer about her debut novel. Thanks, Linda! Honored to be on your blog this week.


What is the Grand Prize? 

Since we’re spending the month on Expedition, the grand prize is an Expedition: Still Life vintage leather travel tote full of locally-procured goodies (and some of the Chesapeake Valor gang’s favorites) to help you travel in coordinated style. It includes the following:

  • Autographed copy of Still Life (to read on your next trip)
  • Still Life Tote Bag (for carrying around all your sightseeing gear)
  • Still Life Disposable Camera (to take pictures of your travels)
  • Still Life Magnetic Picture Frame (to share your travel pics on your fridge)
  • Milk Makeup Sleep Mask & Cooling Gel Insert (to help you rest and keep your eyes looking refreshed)
  • L’Occitane Floral Cherry Blossom Voyage Set (in honor of cherry blossom season)
  • Blush Infinity Scarf (to keep you traveling in style)
  • Collapsible Water Bottle (to keep you hydrated)




Where can I find all the information I need to participate?

Click the image below to find all the details so you can join in!

Still Life Contest