Monday Cuppa: Chesapeake Courage

Dani Pettrey Monday Cuppa Happy Monday, friends!



I hope you all had a good weekend. A couple of my favorite highlights include:

  • My family went to see Jason Bourne together. Twice, but not on purpose. The first time the electricity went out and we had to be evacuated. Fortunately, the second time went well.
  • Enjoyed having my daughter and Little Man over Saturday. He's growing so fast and talking so much. It's always an adventure. Loving being along for the ride.
  • Big highlight: I got to feel our second grandson (a.k.a Little Dude) kick for the first time. So exciting! Can't wait to meet him in a few more months.
  • Church: I love worshiping Jesus.

Today, the sermon was  on suffering, endurance and hope, and it got me thinking about an article I recently read. It's pretty cool how “Valor” and “Chesapeake” just seem to go together. In this article, I learned of something very special that one of the hospitals here in Baltimore does for its young visitors to help them overcome the obstacles in front of them:

“To help children cope with the trauma of emergency treatment and call upon their innate reservoirs of courage, [our] staff set out to help them play the superhero.... With donated funds, Child Life purchased superhero capes and tutus, which specialists now give... to help them through their... stay or to send them on their way home or to the hospital, with recognition of their bravery.”They call them “bravery capes” and “mighty tutus.” You can learn more about the “Capes and Tutus for Valor” program here.


What about you—have you been on the receiving end of a gift that filled your heart with courage? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



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