Monday Cuppa 6/20

Happy Monday, friends!


I'm enjoying my afternoon cuppa, thankful for the caffeine and the fact I can now drink coffee again :D All better. Hooray! Celebrating with a cup now.


As Shadowed released as part of the Sins of the Past collection, I've been thinking a lot about the McKennas, and Ben McKenna isn’t the only one who faces danger as a fisherman in Alaska. Fishing as an occupation in Alaska means facing the extremes of an unpredictable ocean. One article I read described some of the dangerous factors, saying, “...pelting rain, rogue waves and icy decks... that work becomes lethal. Because of the state's geographical location, the waters are often colder and more unforgiving than other fishing environments. ...These conditions add up to the deadliest occupation in the United States.” Yikes! Those McKennas... they have a way of picking some daring lines of work, don’t they?



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