Monday Cuppa 4/11

Happy Monday, friends! a20aa7a5152c68358ac498186708a8f3

With polar vortex hitting home last week, I'm SO ready for the beach. My hubby and I are headed for the Eastern Shore of Maryland this weekend and I'm praying for some nice weather, but it's looking iffy. However, beach in bad weather is better than anywhere else in bad weather.

Last week I spent a few days in Denver and enjoyed some beautiful weather. PLA, The Public Library Association Conference, was wonderful. I was blessed with meeting so many friendly librarians. Thanks so much to my publisher Baker Publishing and to Romance Writers of America for hosting me in your booths. I'm super grateful.



While everything was wonderful at PLA, I did have an oops moment during my trip. Anyone want to guess what happened to my phone?


I'm happy to report the rice worked. Thanks to the kind gentleman at Tag's for the container. You saved my phone! By the way, if you're ever in Denver, you must try Tag's. It's soooo good, and if you're a Friend's fan you'll appreciate not only the chef's name, but the fact they have unagi on the menu.

I hope you all have a wonderful, adventure-filled week! It keeps life interesting :)



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