It's almost Spring!

It's hard to believe spring will be here in only four more days, especially because of the six inches of snow we got last night, but I refuse to be daunted. Spring will come Friday regardless of snowstorms and frightening temperatures. Okay, maybe not frightening, but for a girl who loves eighty degrees, anything under sixty feels cold to me. I live in the wrong climate, clearly. I'm not the only one who feels this way. Dani Pettrey, Katie Ganshert, Becky Wade, Lynette Eason, Ronie Kendig, Rachel HauckFive fabulous author friends have banded together with me to help celebrate the arrival of spring with our Spring Into Romance Giveaway. Haven't had a chance to enter yet? Don't worry, you can read all about it and enter here. We're each giving away an autographed book and a fun spring treat…which got me thinking about everything I love about springtime, and I decided to ask my friends to chime in. Would love to hear about your springtime favorites in the comments section. Let's get this spring discussion going!

  • What scent or fragrance most reminds you of spring, Katie?


Katie Ganshert: Nothing says spring like the smell of lilacs! Growing up, I had a lilac bush right outside my bedroom window. After a long, cold winter, I loved opening my window and enjoying the fresh, sweet smell of the purple and pink flowers outside.

Dani: Ooh. I love the sweet fragrance of lilacs. I'd have to say my favorite spring scent is the freshness in the air. There's something about the combination of blooming flowers, newly cut grass and soft rainstorms that combine into a newness that I adore.

  • What's your favorite spring time treat, Becky?


Becky Wade: Frozen yogurt!  My kids and I love this cute little shop here in Dallas called 'I Heart Yogurt'.  They let you fill your own yogurt bowl and then add toppings to it buffet-line style.  Every time we go, I try to keep a close eye on my kids while they're helping themselves to yogurt.  Because there are three of them, however, someone inevitably slips past my attention and gives themselves an extra huge serving.  My springtime favorite frozen yogurt and topping combo: Tahitian Vanilla yogurt with granola, mini chocolate chips, and strawberries on top.

Dani: Becky, you are making my mouth water. That sounds delicious! Our favorite spring treat is Rita's Italian Ice. They give out free ice on the first day of spring. It's a great way to ring in the new season.

  • If you could go anywhere on a springtime getaway, Lynette, where would you go and why?


Lynette Eason: Unfortunately spring and I don't get along. LOL. With it comes allergies, a stuffy nose and itchy eyes. HOWEVER, I do enjoy the warmer weather and letting my kids play outside. So, I guess if I could go anywhere on a spring vacation getaway, I would choose to go someplace like Belize! Why? Because I've never been there and it looks fabulous!

Dani: Belize does look fabulous! I think I'd go with the Florida Keys. Key West is gorgeous and there are so many adventures to be had.

  • What's your favorite springtime wardrobe item or accessory, Ronie?


Ronie Kendig: My favorite wardrobe item for spring are capris! I love wearing them because they are airy enough not to be stifling, but they also hide my ultra-white Irish skin (for the most part) so friends don't have to wear glare-resistant sunglasses around me.

Dani: LOL! That Irish skin can be delicate :) My favorite wardrobe item is a black knit skirt I bought a few years ago at Old Navy. It's super cute and comfortable--my favorite combination.

  • What about spring do you look most forward to, Rachel?


Rachel Hauck:  In Florida, the weather is so amazing. Bright, sunny, breezy. The best.

Dani: Wearing flip-flops! Wish I could live in them year round.

What about you? I would love to hear you all weigh in on some of these questions.