Interview with Chris Ann of LoveFeast Shop

Dani: Could you take a minute and introduce yourself? Chris Ann: Sure! I live in a southern suburb of Minneapolis, MN with my husband, Todd. We have 4 kids. Our oldest kids are in college and we have a high schooler and middle schooler at home. Besides being an entrepreneur, I love to travel, garden, decorate, and paddleboard. I am also recently a new puppy mom.


Dani: How did LoveFeast get started? Chris Ann: I started LoveFeast, in 2008, with my best friend, Kristin. We first launched a lifestyle blog, LoveFeast Table( with the dream of having it grow into a platform that would help us reach an audience we could inspire to live a beautiful life. That blog helped us launch our first online shop with our favorite, velvet pumpkins.  About a year ago, I opened the first LoveFeast storefront in Prior Lake, Minnesota.


Dani: What’s your inspiration for LoveFeast? What keeps you going on the hard days?

Chris Ann: My inspiration for LoveFeast is found in discovering unique, artistic and beautiful things to curate in both the online shop and my local LoveFeast boutique. I love the connection I have to the LoveFeast shopper and how much they appreciate quality and something special to give or for their home. Finding enough time to do all the things I want to do with my business is the biggest challenge.


Dani: For years you were solely an online boutique, now you also have a brick and mortar store. What’s that like? Do you enjoy seeing customers on a daily basis? Decorating the shop? Having a concrete place to welcome folks?

Chris Ann: I love having a brick and mortar store. It is one more space to fulfill the vision I have for LoveFeast. It's wonderful to get customer's feedback face to face. And, to help people choose a special gift for special events. I love helping people mark their occasions with something thoughtful, even if it is a special gift for themselves. It's nice to be a part of making someone's day.


Dani: LoveFeast focuses a lot on hospitality and inspirational items of beauty. How do you decide which items to carry, and do you design any of the pieces yourself?

Chris Ann: I choose items first of all that I like, or would want to give or have myself. I love a handmade item, in soft neutral tones, that is high quality and therefore can be enjoyed for years. Sometimes it's nice to have something whimsical thrown in the mix for some fun. I don't design any of the pieces myself, but it is something I think I might like to try someday.


Dani: What’s your favorite part of owning your own business?

Chris Ann: It's a part of who I am; to create, dream, and start. Owning my own business has given me the opportunity to see my creative idea, hard work, and determination create a tangible space where other people can experience finding beautiful items. Having your own business doesn't mean you work less, but it does mean you can work on your own time.  Like anything that has value, there has been sacrifice and hard work.  I look back in a bit of awe at how, one step after the other, the vision of LoveFeast has continued to grow.

Great questions! It's fun to reflect on where I started and how far the LoveFeast journey has taken me!


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LoveFeast is a boutique of filled with unique, high-quality, hand-crafted and artistic items to inspire the giver and charm the receiver. Shop our hand-picked selection of home decor, tabletop, and gifts, such as our beautiful velvet pumpkins, bedding & pillows, artist-created jewelry. These beautifully curated finds will make thoughtful gifts and inspiring additions to your beautiful life!

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