Fun Facts From My Trip to Bethany House

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting my publisher--Bethany House--in Minnesota. As always, I had a wonderful time. Everyone at Bethany House is so warm and welcoming. This trip started out with a couple crazy plane rides and a soaked suitcase (along with its contents). But, I also got to experience some really fun times. Today I thought I'd share a few fun snapshots and facts I learned during my trip. 1. If you fly a certain airline out of BWI you may have to walk across the tarmac to your plane--even if there is torrential downpour.

2. If  you fly a certain airline into Philly you may have to park in the middle of the tarmac and run, again in torrential downpour, to a waiting bus. Then watch your connecting flight fly over said bus while you're on the way to the terminal.

3. BHP Editor Charlene Patterson is great at helping pick out PJs. (See soaked luggage comment above).

4. Fiction Publicist Amy Green always has Play-Doh in her purse. Fun!

5. Bethany House Press has bound 133,000 books in a single day! Amazing record!

BHP PRESSphoto 1

6. There is bookstore in MN called the Wild Rumpus and they have live animals inside--cats, a chicken, a rat, and birds. And, they have an upside down canoe on their ceiling. My kind of bookstore!


7. Appalachian is pronounced Appa-LATCH-an. I learned this from West Virginia native and fabulous Bethany House author Sarah Thomas. Thanks, Sarah!

8. Victoria Bylin and Sarah Thomas are a lot of fun to hang out with.

BHPRESSphoto 2

9. I have the best agent in the world!

10. Even in April there is snow and ice and yuck in MN. Bring a warm coat and boots.