Fill in the Blank Contest Finalists

Thank you to everyone who entered the Fill in the Blank contest! You guys are awesome! Becky and I had a fabulous time reading all your creative and hilarious entries. It was so hard narrowing it down to three finalists. Seriously. Hard. But we've done it. As a quick reminder here's the excerpt we used from Meant To Be Mine by Becky Wade: fillintheblank

There he was.

She forgot how to ___(1. verb)___.

He was striding down the sidewalk towards her, a few shops away and closing, looking up, probably to find the sign that said ___(2.   )___.

She'd anticipated that he'd look handsome. But 'handsome' was something you might say about a ___(3. noun)___ in a magazine ad; it was too stiff and flat an adjective for Ty Porter.

Ty Porter had the kind of appeal that pulled your gaze to him and wouldn't let you look away. She sensed women's jaws dropping, cars narrowly missing head-on collisions, pictures being taken without his permission and texted to girlfriends.

Anger gathered in her throat.

___(4. noun)___ shaded his eyes. A ray of sun caught and shimmered in his hair, which had been expertly cut just like always. He wore a soft-looking, thin, not too tight but not too loose, beige t-shirt that advertised a custom motorcycle shop in brown letters. He'd pushed a handful of the front of the shirt into his jeans. The square-tipped alligator cowboy boots pounding the sidewalk must be a newer cousin to the pair she remembered.

He stopped at Jana's entrance and scanned the tables. She knew the moment he spotted her because she could literally hear it, like a ___(5. noun)___ ___(6. verb ending in -ing)___.

The three finalists for the Meant To Be Mine giveaway are….


  • Erynn Reconnu N.

1. undulate 2. No llamas 3. yarmulke 4. A unibrow 5. Bigfoot 6. spelunking

  • JustinLindsey G.

1. Stop, drop, and roll 2. "meet the woman who is as mad as someone who got dumped by a cowboy, went to the dentist, and stepped on legos all in one day here" 3. Husband cleaning the whole house 4. Princess sunglasses 5. Fireworks display at the library 6. Lighting up the sky

  • Tari Thompson F.

1. Yodel 2. Hair Club for Men 3. Chihuahua in a Ralph Lauren Sweater 4. Plastic visor 5. Seam 6. Ripping in her pantsCongratulations Erynn, JustinLindsey, and Tari!!!!

Now it's up to YOU (all my wonderful readers) to pick the winner. Yes, you get to pick the winner. Leave a comment below with your choice of top place  and I'll tally the votes and post the winner tomorrow night by 10 pm EST. The first place winner will receive an autographed copy of MTBM along with a $25 Visa gift card; second and third place finalists will each receive an autographed copy of MTBM.

Curious who the Silenced finalists are? Hop over to Becky's blog or Facebook Page to find out and vote!

Thanks so very much!

Blessings, Dani