Favorite Friday: Inspiration

This Friday I’d like to talk about my favorite sources of inspiration. God and His Word are the greatest inspiration ever, but God in His generosity also blesses us with people in our daily lives to inspire us. Today I’d like to talk about one my favorites.  

Coach Dwayne “Nic” Nicodemus Coach Dwayne "Nic" Nicodemus




Coach Nic was my daughter’s soccer coach, but he was so much more than that. He was a Godly man with a heart on fire for God and for sharing God’s love with others. Nic was the founder of CAA (Christian Athletic Association founded in 1985). CAA is a sports program which reaches out to children and adults by sharing a love for God, building relationships within family and community and creating respect for authority, one's self and others. We had the immense blessing of knowing Nic for a short time. Nic touched thousands of lives of children, teens and families in the Baltimore area (and I’m sure far beyond). Nic was an amazing example—full of encouragement, never-give-up attitude, and a heart for service. Even though he was the head of CAA, he could still be seen every Saturday walking the edges of the fields, picking up trash, making sure everything was working smoothly. If you’ve visited my bio page and seen my favorite quotes, you will find one of Nic’s there “Do the ordinary extraordinarily.” He believed that whatever you do whether it was coaching, working with kids, or picking up trash that you do it in service to God and with all your heart. Nic went to be with our Father in Heaven on November 7th 2008 at the young age of 47. His life and death had a profound impact on my family and on thousands of others. Even in the last hours of his life, he was focused on others—ministering to everyone who came to minister to him. Each person that went in to visit with him came out encouraged by his kindness, his devotion to others, and his steadfast faith in God. I know he is still touching lives. As the anniversary of his death draws near, I wanted to remember him and share what an inspiration he still is. At Nic’s memorial service, the speaker asked that anyone whose life had been touched by Nic would stand. The church held thousands. Everyone was on their feet. I pray I live a life with even a shadow of the dedication, faith and love Nic did. I have no doubt when he reached Home that the Lord greeted him with ‘well done My good and faithful servant.’  What about you? Who inspires you?


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