Favorite Friday: Homeschool Helps

We've been blessed to homeschool our girls for years. We started when our oldest was in kindergarten and now she's a freshman in college. Today I'd like to share some of my favorite homeschooling helps--a sampling of science, math, history and Bible studies that we have thoroughly enjoyed throughout the years. I'll cover other subjects in future posts. Hope you enjoy!

  • Apologia Science: We loved every text by Dr. Wile. Including his entire Exploring Creation series and his apologetic book entitled Reasonable Faith: The Scientific Case for Christianity.


  • Dive Into Math and Science:   Interactive video lessons on CD-ROM by Dr. David Shormann. Both of my daughters have found Dr. Shormann's lessons extremely helpful. Ever have a question or are struggling with a concept on one of the Dive CD lessons--simply email Dr. Shormann and he'll get back with you. So incredibly helpful. I cannot recommend Dive Into CD's enough!










If your a homeschooling mom, I'd love to hear about some of your favorites too.

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