Snowboarding…what can I say? Crazy. Daring. Adventurous. I imagine it’s a combination of all three, along with some seriously hard work. I’m a skier. Not a very good one, but a skier all the same. My girls are snowboarders and they love it! It think it’s great, but I feel much more comfortable on a pair of skis. Not to mention having a set of poles. We watched a lot of snowboarding competitions last winter. Hope you all had the chance to watch the Winter Olympics. Go USA! We took home the most medals of any country!!!! If you didn’t get a chance to watch it live, be sure to check out some of the runs on YouTube (such a great invention). Shaun White’s in particular. He stomped several new tricks, including a phenomenal one that’s never been done before–the Double McTwist 160.

And how about Kelly Clark taking home the bronze despite a rough fall in an earlier run…amazing! She’s my favorite on the women’s snowboard team. Here’s a great article about her where she shares her testimony.

But what does all of this have to do with writing? I’m glad you asked One of the characters in my work-in-progress (wip) is a snowboarder. I’ve been having the most fun researching this amazing sport. Hope you’ll all check it out when it’s available. It’ll be a while, though. I just completed SUBMERGED. You can read about it on my Books page.