Alphabet for the Soul--V is for Victory


Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We spent Thursday with our family. Friday we put up our tree and decorate our house with the kids and grandkids. Saturday we went to the tree farm with the gang and our kids cut down a tree for their house, and we got a second tree for out on our back deck. We set it up on a table and strung it with colorful lights. Now,  everyone driving up our hill at night can see it, and I get to look at it out my office window while I write.

Speaking of writing...I'm on 10-day sprint to my novella deadline. Prayers that God would let the words flow--the words and story He intends--would be wonderful! I've had so much fun writing this story and I can't wait to partner with my amazing friend and mentor, Dee Henderson, and the amazing Lynette Eason. The Cost of Betrayal is set to be released in October of 2018. I hope you'll all enjoy it.

Next up, I'm finishing up my line edits (the post-revision stage of fine-tuning line by line) on Dead Drift. It's been really fun to see how the Chesapeake Valor gang is going to wrap least for now.

Today's letter is V and I chose the joy-filled word Victory to go with it. Victory and joy-filled? Yes, when it comes to Christ and what He's accomplished for us, nothing could be more joy-inducing. Christ's victory over death, on our behalf, is the greatest gift we will ever receive.


As we move into this Christmas season, we celebrate the birth of Christ, but let us not forget his death as well. Every day of our life can be filled with joy that is unshakable and deeply ingrained in our souls.


Because of Christ's victory and, our salvation in Him, we can live a life of boldness and freedom--all rooted in Him and His great love for us. What a glorious reason to celebrate this Christmas season.

I pray you have a joyful, victorious, Christ-focused week!

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“V” for Victory

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