Alphabet for the Soul--Q is for Quiet

Happy Monday, friends!

I'm embarrassed to say I clearly forgot my ABC's last week by putting R before Q. Thank you to everyone who emailed to let me know. I appreciate it. It was such a nice encouragement to know how much you are all enjoying this series. I blame my oops on my recent hospital stay, but really my forgetfulness was far more likely due to my hectic schedule right now. I'm juggling a lot,  and in all honesty I believe God used my hospital stay (for low sodium of all things--doing well now, thanks) to remind me of the importance of slowing down and simply being still.

In our rush around society we often forget to take a deep breath, to look out at the horizon, to soak in God's majestic creation surrounding us. To listen to our babies or grand babies (in my case) laughter, to watch a butterfly fluttering around the bush in the back yard, to enjoy the scent of fresh tomatoes and spices wafting off the stove from our cooking dinner. There are so many nuances in the quiet moments of life I fear we miss (I know I do) because we are racing around trying to check things off our To Do List for the day. But even more frightening, is....

Without quiet, how will you hear God's whispers? 

God says in His Word:

"After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper." ~1 Kings 19:12

God came in a gentle whisper. A gentle whisper. How often are we quiet enough and still enough to hear that whisper? I admit in my case, not very often. And I worry what am I missing by staying so busy? What could God be whispering to my soul if I just slowed down long enough to hear Him?

I don't know about you, but it is in my quietest moments in which I hear God the loudest--during my quiet time with Him in the morning as the sun is rising in the sky, as I'm still and writing, as I sit and watch the ocean tides. He comes and calms my soul in a way I can't describe when I take time out and simply listen.

How about you? When do you hear God speak the loudest?

I pray you have a blessed Monday and I challenge you to take five minutes after reading this (and printing out your coloring page, of course :)) to simply sit and be still. Shut off your phone. Close your computer. And, just listen.

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“Q” for Quiet

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