Alphabet for the Soul--M is for Meaning

Happy Monday, friends!

God's timing is always so perfect.  I'm sitting on my lanai in Kona, Hawaii. I'm here with my hubby celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Talk about meaning and memories. This week has been abundantly blessed with both!

You don't need to travel so far to experience meaning and memories. Both can be found everyday in simple moments with your family, in daily activities with friends, and in still, quiet moments with God.

A Life of Meaning & Memories

Choosing to live a life of meaning and memories means slowing down long enough to really take in the joys and blessings God's given you. Nothing brings me joy like seeing my grand babies'  sweet smiles or their adorable giggles when they belly laugh.

Children are so good at soaking in the beauties of nature--the warm rays of sunshine on your face, the cool breeze swirling leaves through the fall air, the flash of fireflies on warm summer nights, or the squish of sand between your toes. Kids are so good at really appreciating nature with all five of their senses. They are filled with curiosity and enthusiasm. I wish I was more like my grand babies.

While we've all been blessed with the precious gift of life, too often we (myself included) are so busy rushing around that we forget to stop and savor the little moments, but it's these moments--some as brief of a bird's song on the wind that can fill our lives with warm and lasting memories.

Fill your life with memories and meaning, not stuff and things. 

God's Creation

I do, however, find that time spent outdoors in God's majestic creation is a special place for me to feel closer to Him. Whether we're kayaking through the rolling rivers, hiking the tall hills and mountaintops, or simply enjoying a picnic on a rock at the summit. It's in these activities and moments in which my mind slows down enough and all my senses kick in so I can just feel enveloped by the Lord's presence and bask in His glorious creation surrounding me.

Do you have a special place where you feel closer to God?

I truly believe that memories and meaning are deeply connected with one another. All of our memories and moments build upon another and result in the culmination of the meaning of our lives, especially our lives in Christ.  Our lives are journeys to Him, and we are blessed to experience so much beauty and joy in the smallest of memories along the way.

For example, I was a little girl, I had a cardinal that would perch on my windowsill every day and sing to me. Whenever my mom saw a cardinal, she'd say 'there's your bird' and she bought me many cardinal gifts over the years. Every time I see a red Cardinal, I fondly remember my mom and my singing friend, and I'm filled with comfort.

Do you have any special memories from your childhood that linger still?

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Praying today is full of wonderful memories for you,