Alphabet for the Soul--D is for Daring

Happy Monday, friends!

Grab a cuppa and join me for today's daring devotional.

"Daring souls laugh at the word impossible." ~Dani Pettrey

Are you a daring or cautious person by nature? Or do you fall somewhere in between?

What comes to mind when you hear the word daring? To be honest, my first though is of X-Game athletes jumping out of helicopters to ski down fresh, untouched powder, or daredevils willingly jumping out of planes to ski-dive.

However, that's only one type of daring. The kind of daring I'm going to be sharing about today is found in Deut 33:27 where God says,

"Dare to be bold in your faith..."

God calls us out of our comfort zones and into a blog journey of adventure at His side.

He called:

  • Esther to do daringly before the king to save her people at the risk of her own life (Esther Chapter Five).
  • He dared Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to refuse to bow down to an idol even though it meant being thrown into a fiery furnace (Daniel Chapter 3).
  • He dared Abram to leave his homeland and all he knew behind to follow Him to an unknown land (Genesis Chapter 12).

I hope you will take some time this week to read these chapters and I hope you find them inspiring as I have.

How about you? What daring adventure is God calling you on?

Fourteen years go, He dared me to write a book and I answered the call somewhat slowly, but I answered and while it hasn't always been easy (years of writing without publication, health issues, looming deadlines like I have right now actually), it's certainly been the best adventure I ever could have dreamed of at His side. I pray you answer whatever adventure he's daring you to join Him on and I'd love if you'd share that adventure below.

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"D" for Daring

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