Alphabet for the Soul-W is for Waiting

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I finished writing a novella project I’m really excited about that will be part of a compilation novella entitled The Cost of Betrayal with Dee Henderson and Lynette Eason. It will be available next fall. I hope you’ll all enjoy it.

Today we’re going to talk about waiting. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of waiting. Patience is not my strong suit, though God has been trying to get the concept through my thick skull for a while now.

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Writerly Wednesday--Interview with the Awesome Susie Larson!

Hi friends,

Welcome to Writerly Wednesday. Today I have a very special guest--Susie Larson is joining us from Minnesota. If you aren't familiar with Susie, boy are you missing out. Susie is a radio host, writer, encourager and she runs a fabulous conference for Christian Writers.

The amazing thing about Susie is how you open one of her books and you feel like you've stepped in the room with her and are chatting over a cup of coffee. Her words speak deep to the soul and I'm honored to have her sharing with us today.

1) What Bible story are you most thankful was included in Scripture and why?

What a great question! Can I give you three answers?

Yes ma'am! 

My first choice would be the story of Joseph of the OT. His story of vision, hardship, training, trust, and breakthrough speak volumes to me. I’ve returned to this story time and time again as I’ve walked out my own faith journey. Second choice would be the story of Ruth. Her grit and courage and conviction to face the unknown and to follow a God she trusted but could not see…well, it inspires me to no end. And finally, the woman at the well constantly reminds me that Jesus changes us when we’re willing to be honest with Him. I love how most of the town was transformed because she was willing to be known as someone who needed to be saved. When saving grace upstages saving face, everything changes.

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Alphabet for the Soul--V is for Victory

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We spent Thursday with our family. Friday we put up our tree and decorate our house with the kids and grandkids. Saturday we went to the tree farm with the gang and our kids cut down a tree for their house, and we got a second tree for out on our back deck. We set it up on a table and strung it with colorful lights. Now,  everyone driving up our hill at night can see it, and I get to look at it out my office window while I write.

Speaking of writing...I'm on 10-day sprint to my novella deadline. Prayers that God would let the words flow--the words and story He intends--would be wonderful! I've had so much fun writing this story and I can't wait to partner with my amazing friend and mentor, Dee Henderson, and the amazing Lynette Eason. The Cost of Betrayal is set to be released in October of 2018. I hope you'll all enjoy it.

Next up, I'm finishing up my line edits (the post-revision stage of fine-tuning line by line) on Dead Drift. It's been really fun to see how the Chesapeake Valor gang is going to wrap least for now.

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Writerly Wednesday with Zachary Bartels

I was on an author panel a few years—the kind where I don’t remember much of what we discussed, but I do remember that someone asked us, “What kind of books do you read to prepare yourself for writing?” My friend Tracy Groot said Steinbeck, I think. Someone else said they read John Ashbery.

I said I don’t read anybody. I watch an episode of Breaking Bad. And I have a cigar and a cup of coffee. Then I’m ready to write.

I should have felt silly about that, but I didn’t. I know what triggers get my mind in the right head-space to write what I need to write and I’m very intentional about using them. I know that I do my best writing on a particular bench overlooking the Capitol building and the Lansing skyline (you may never have heard of Lansing, which is weird because it’s the capital city of Michigan) while writing on this decade-old word processor I bought on eBay. It’s called a “Dana” and it has no internet, e-mail, twitter, or anything like that to distract me. I know that music and surroundings tend to affect how I write.

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Alphabet for the Soul--U is for Unknown

Happy Monday, friends!

The unknown can be scary, but at the same time, it's how we think about it and react to it that makes the difference. I know, I'm one to talk. I'm the 'what if?' girl. You know that girl? The one always fretting whether something bad is coming around the bend. Not sure why I choose to be that way.

Could be I had a rough upbringing (won't go into details), but I was scared a lot as a little girl and honestly a lot of that carried over, but I recently did Lysa Terkeurst's Uninvited Bible Study and it was revolutionary in my life.

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Writerly Wednesday--The Creation of a Novel: Publication

Hi friends,

Thanks for joining me and the lovely Becky Wade over the past few months as we've video chronicled the Creation of a Novel. If you've missed any of the posts, you can find them on my sidebar and I hope you'll take a peek.

Today, however, we're talking about the most exciting part (well, one of them)....Publication. The stage where your novel is finally in print and available for readers. It's a wonderful, exciting, fulfilling nerve-wracking stage where you wonder how your readers will enjoy the story you just spent anywhere from six months to a year working on. Hope you enjoy the video!


What about you? Did anything about the Creation of a Novel surprise you? If you're published, what emotions do you feel when your first hold that bound-book in your hands?

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